'Gracing a property
with furniture from DOCA 
is to be well-informed
and makes a clear
statement of style'


In 1980, two friends José Luis Castell and Daniel Dolz opened a small furniture workshop in the fishing port of Vinaròs, 200km south of Barcelona in the province of Castellon. It was the start of the story that has become the prestigious and iconic brand of DOCA.

With a combination of expert carpentry, an appreciation of raw materials and contemporary manufacturing techniques, the furniture produced in the early DOCA workshop seduced discerning clients across Spain who were looking for high quality, unique, innovative, customisable kitchen furniture.

The reputation of the business soon spread beyond Spain, and in 2006 with an investment of more than €20m, the business moved into purpose built new premises nearby in Ulldecona, situated in a privileged position near the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by fields of local agriculture.

The new manufacturing site of 25,000m² was fitted with the latest generation of manufacturing machines - and fitted in a carpentry workshop too, that the business had built its reputation on.

The influential DOCA vision and style is now available in more than 20 countries around the World.

José Luis Castell, the CA in DOCA

The port of Vinaròs in the province of Castellon, Spain

The port of Vinaròs in the province of Castellon, Spain


The soul of DOCA has always been in design. The company simply does not understand a project that doesn’t communicate to the senses.

The product needs to thrill, so therefore, great effort is dedicated to spatial design, ergonomics and textural finishes, and with a wide range of combinations, it enables multiple creative adaptations of the kitchen or bedroom to the spaces of clients.

DOCA have essentially created their own artistic language to plan living spaces with beautiful furniture, their criteria are:

  • A perfect definition between volume and space
  • Avant garde design and functionality
  • Exceptional quality standards, from raw materials to finished products

DOCA are held in very high regard for their quality, their variety of luxurious finishes and surfaces and their skill at manufacturing to any design. Positioned halfway between an industrial manufacturer but with the finish of an expert carpenter, it allows them to pay special attention to the fine details.


Above all, DOCA are passionate about wood. They use extraordinary wood finishes. They love the warm emotional feeling that only wood can give and want that feeling to last forever in their products.

To awaken our sensations they’ll use diverse raw materials such as Walnut, Chestnut, Oak, Beech, Ebony or Eucalyptus and then combine with other materials such as steel, aluminium, plywood, laminates, glass, lacquers or acrylic to create utterly surprising textures, colours and finishes.

With a love and respect for the environment too, recent project work has seen the use of 80 year old salvaged timber from Finland and reclaimed railway sleepers, for both their texture and colour.

DOCA furniture helps create enchanting rooms, the quality of which will stand the test of time and satisfy even the most demanding of clients with the knowledge that they have made a great choice. As one leading interior designer stated: ‘Gracing a property with furniture from DOCA is to be well-informed and makes a clear statement of style’.


Behind the product there is a great team of professionals who dedicate their time to designing, improving, manufacturing and creating every little detail so that each kitchen has its own character.

The innovation process starts with a close relationship between the R+D and purchasing departments. Both departments work together bringing new ideas and avant-garde solutions to product ranges. Only with continuous research and being up-to-date with innovations from top suppliers worldwide can the business continue to offer cutting edge design and materials.

The design team keep up to date studying the latest trends and they are masters in conceiving rooms and combining materials as well as creating effects with light and shade. They also bring charisma to projects, which is typical of the DOCA brand.

The DOCA Factory in Ulldecona
The DOCA Factory in Ulldecona