Doca produce themselves or supply from trusted manufacturers a full range of accessories to complement their kitchen furniture.

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All kitchens should be as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.
This is important phrase in the DOCA philosophy. Within the range of cutlery storage options available in the range, some can be customised to clients favourite colours, so the internals are as nice as the externals. DOCA works with RAL colours, so you have endless possibilities.


We all want our kitchens to be linearly perfect, so the introduction of large and wide drawers appear increasingly to get continuous lines throughout the kitchen. Because of this DOCA develops multiple proposals for perfect storage and maximum functionality.


DOCA adapts its furniture/accessories to the latest needs not only for customers, for the world too. Container accessories allowing separation of waste into different bins depending on their future recycling.


DOCA furniture is designed to make its interior suit the needs of customers to store everything related to the kitchen. 100% custom furniture is possible thanks to pull-outs, baskets, interior fittings, corner accessories.

Opening Systems

Co-planar sliding doors, pocket doors, bi-folding, sliding, oblique and vertical folding make up the wide range of DOCA openings, available for each design and will fit perfectly into areas where design and functionality are needed equally.


Lighting is another important point to consider too in the design of the spaces of a kitchen, and DOCA offer practical solutions using the latest LED technology on the market. Another respectful example for the environment.