'The style from DOCA
is quite simply
an Architect's or
Interior Designer's dream'

Materials & Textures

DOCA pride themselves on their meticulous research into the materials most suitable for their product and the end-user and to make their product exceptional in every way.

They also explore textures and colours and offer a wide range of over 250 materials and finishes. Above all, DOCA are passionate about wood. They use extraordinary wood finishes as they love the warm emotional feeling that only wood can give.


Materials & Textures | Grain Viejo Natural

Grain Viejo Natural

Materials & Textures | Stone Zoe Natur

Stone Zoe Natur

Materials & Textures | Cream Stucco

Cream Stucco

Materials & Textures | Stone Cassini

Stone Cassini

Materials & Textures | Old Acacia

Old Acacia

Materials & Textures | Craft


Below are simple descriptions of the main materials used.
If you would like to see sample swatches please do get in contact and we will arrange to supply samples or meet to discuss.

DOCA manufactures its products using top quality hardwood, treated in special dryers, until the moisture is appropriate. Wood, of course, as a natural material may present differences in tone and structure, attributes which are intrinsic and confer exclusivity to every DOCA product.
There may be variations in tone and structure depending on the raw material used.

Melamine faced chipboard.
Doors of 22 mm thickness, finished on both sides.
The 4 edges are finished in ABS or imitation metal.
The MFC surfaces are suitable for kitchens, highly  resistant and very easy to clean.
MFC finishes can be plain, imitation wood, with or  without open pore texture or other patterns and  come in a range of standard colours.

The laminates finishes have the same features of MFC finishes but with a higher resistance.
Available in plain, gloss, imitation wood, with or without open pore texture or other patterns.
Doors of 22 mm thickness, finished on both sides.
The 4 edges can be in ABS or imitation metal.

Lacquered doors on 22mm thick MDF with an acrylic base and different lacquer layers.
Lacquers can be textured, silk, hi-gloss or even rubber effect, as well as specific finishes of old steel and oxide. Also open pore pigmented Oak.
As well as a standard range of colours, RAL colours can be specified.

Doors with steel frames in different colours.
Glass finishes can be clear and translucent or pigmented opaque glass in a gloss or matt finish.

Three options using laser polished Steel:

  • Door rolled in steel on the front side and in aluminium on the B side.
  • Steel door with a mirror effect and laminated on the B side (super-mirror).
  • Door rolled in steel on the front side and laminated light grey on the B side.

This is the stone ranges. Manufactured on a 22mm thick base with 6mm thick porcelain on a steel frame.
Aluminum supports with integral handle.